Welcome to This Woman Can

For mid-career professional WoC who want to have more clarity, control and choice over their careers

Who we are?

We are the fabulous community where kickass female professionals come to connect, learn and grow. It’s your personal board of directors, your sounding board and your source of endless support as you pursue your biggest goals! Consider us as the new "Old Girls Network" 🙌


Should you join This Woman Can? Is it right for you? We're looking for a particular kind of woman & you may be the perfect match. Let's find out!

Typically our members:

- Want more from their career whether its climbing the ladder or becoming an entrepreneur.

 - Are facing a mid-career transition such as; 

  • Leaving the corporate world or other institutional setting?
  • Being made redundant, furloughed, laid off or looking for work?
  • Returning to work after a career break?
  • Emerging from a life transition such as divorce or a health crisis?
  • Children leaving home and you're wondering what’s next for me?
  • Part of the sandwich generation with children + aging parents?

If that’s you, you’ll love This Woman and we’d love to have you!

Why you should join?

- We're here to help you succeed and advance your career:

- You get direct access to Janice Sutherland (This Woman Can founder, entrepreneur, career strategist) for a tiny fraction of what it usually costs to hire her.

- You get growth mindset coaching, to level up your career with our monthly coaching calls.

- You get access to specialized training MONTHLY. Every single aspect of advancing your career in today's climate (without the bs) is covered.

- You learn how to make strategic decisions instead of lateral decisions, shift your behavior, expand your playing field and overcome the challenges that were holding you back from a fulfilling career..

- Very little risk. No long-term commitment. Though we recommend at minimum a three month membership, you can cancel your monthly membership anytime.

Still wondering if This Woman Can is perfect for you? 

- Build your network & connect with like-minded, women who are just as driven to reach their goals.

– Get useful and actionable advice about the things that are most important to you — from a network of peers.

- Transform yourself with new, useful life skills taught by world-class experts

- Discuss the mid-career topics that no one else is talking about in a safe, supportive, space with others who'll hold you accountable for reaching your goals, cheering you on every step of the way - your personal board of advisors

- Be part of something bigger than yourself! Become an active community member, help empower other women.

- Receive guidance on the gritty stuff with strategic advice based on real experience

Consider us your personal Board of Directors on your journey of career success.

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