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The community that helps you gain the confidence & courage to achieve the career/life you envision.

This Woman Can

Who we are

We are the fabulous community where kickass female professionals come to connect, learn, and grow. It’s your personal board of directors, your sounding board and your source of endless support as you pursue your biggest goals! Consider us as the new "Old Girls Network" 🙌

Why you need to join This Woman Can 


This Community is Perfect for You if want to....

MAKE NEW CONNECTIONS - Build your network & connect with like-minded, passionate female leaders who are just as driven to reach their goals.

CULTIVATE YOUR SKILLSCollectives offer masterclasses and courses designed to help you become a better leader.

HAVE SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY - Someone to get in the trenches you but hold you accountable for reaching your goals, cheering you on every step of the way - your personal board of advisors

HAVE AN IMPACT - Be part of something bigger than yourself! Become an active community member, help empower other female leaders.

GET ANSWERS - To your most important business questions from CEOs who have real-life experience.

ACCELERATE YOUR SUCCESS - Guidance on the gritty stuff with strategic advice based on real experience

What can you expect..

Our community is focused on being the support system and community you need. One that empowers and enables female leaders to perform at their highest levels both in life and their careers. Joining the group should be non-negotiable! 

We value diversity — Each of us have different perspectives and we recognize that listening to others views can help us grow. We challenge the norm to make diversity a reality.

Embrace the power of community — We work together to solve challenges and communicate openly to elevate each other. This is an environment where you can share learnings, identify opportunities and face your challenges with other women just like you. 

Confidentiality is paramount - Sometimes we share concerns that we wouldn't share with anyone else, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the knowledge that anything divulged remains in the community. 

Authenticity is the key to our future success — We believe in the power of accountability within both our careers and personal lives. We work to make everyone comfortable presenting their genuine selves inside and outside of the workplace.

Taking action is paramount — We get sh*t done — so we'll hold you accountable for your personal goals. Every now and then we may give you a virtual kick up the ass - but it's done with love as we know you're more than capable. Look how far you've come already! 👀✨

Consider us your personal Board of Directors on your journey of corporate leadership.


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